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  • SUN-B Series Line-Interactive UPS(400-1500VA)

    SUN-B Series UPS can be used as office devices backup power, PCs, POS machine, SOHO, or other small security devices.

    • Features

    • Specifications

    High Performance Index

    Full-digitized control with comprehensive monitoring and protections

    Multi-Level AVR function under utility mode to protect connecting devices/loads.

    Powerful communication function and surge protections to keep normal operations.

    Intelligent empty load auto-detection and shutdown function to enhance battery lifetime.

    High Performance Index

    Capacity 400VA/240W 600VA/360W  800VA/480W 1000VA/600W 1500VA/900W
    UPS Structure  Line-Interactive   Design
    Protection Functions Overload;   Short-Circuit; Over Temp.;   Utility Voltage High/low; BAT Voltage   High/low(Shutdown Protection)
    Overload >   110%    Alarm Shutdown
    Short-Circuit Input   Fuses Protection( >AC Mode >), >Circuit Auto Protection >( >BAT Mode >)
    Noise Suppression EMI   / RFI Filter
    Modem SB-C:2  Piece of RJ11  SB-N:   None
    Display LED Display, UPS Operational Status, BAT Fault, other fault   information
    Alarm Utility   Power Fault, BAT Low, Overload, UPS   Fault
    Mute Auto
    Temperature 0   ~ 40
    Humidity <   95% Non-Condensing
    Input   Voltage Range 160-287Vac
    AVR Intelligent   Auto AVR   Function
    Output   Voltage(AC   mode) 220Vac± >10% >( >Utility Power Voltage within >± >20% >)
    Output   Voltage( >BAT Mode >) > 220Vac±3%
    Output   Waveform Modified   Sine wave( >BAT Mode >)
    AC-DC   Switching   Time 2-5ms
    Type Sealed   Lead-Acid Maintenance Free Battery
    Rated   Voltage/ Units 12V/7Ah×1   Unit 12V/7Ah×1   Unit 12V/9Ah×1   Unit 12V/7Ah×2   Units 12V/7Ah×2   Units
    Charging   Time 4   Hours to 80%
    Backup   Time 5-15   Mins
    Telecommunication RS232/SNMP( >Optional >) >
    Monitoring Software Multi-functional   management, utility power   and battery status; Utility Power Failed;   BAT Low, Remote Shutdown and other menus
    Size   mm( >W >× >D >× >H >) 85×323×155 95×323×155 95×323×155 110×351×181 110×351×181
    Net   Weight Kg 6 7.5 8.5 10.5 13.2

    Note: Specifications are subject to   change without further notice.

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