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  • SUN-H Series Off-Grid INV/Charger Solar All-in-one System

    SUN-S Series is a professional off gird solar system solution, which is a combination of big power inverter and solar controller. It can be selected under different operational modes to adapt user varieties of requirements.

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    • Specifications

    High Performance Index

    Full Digitized professional off gird solar system solution,which is a combination of big power inverter and solar controller ;

    Working modes switch automatically-AC Grid bypass mode,Inverter mode,AC charging mode,solar charging mode ;

    Pure sine wave output which matches wave form of AC grid no matter it on AC grid mode or invert mode;workable on inductive load;

    Remote control & RS232 communication port;

    Power saver mode ;

    Four stages smart charging,charging current adjusted automatically, maximum current can be changed within 20-75A ;

    DIP switch optional:Selectable charging voltage for various battery type;

    Manual control input & output breakers ;

    AC Grid mode: AC bypass supplies load when AC is normal ,battery invert AC supplies load when AC is off. ;

    Battery priority: Battery will supply power to load when battery get full -charged; AC bypass supplies load when battery low and at the meantime battery get charged from solar controller . It transfers back to battery invert mode when battery get full charged. It makes full use of solar energy and saves electricity 。

    Compatible applications/loads

    sun series2

    Capacity Sun 5-H
    Sun 10-H
    Sun 15-H
    Sun 20-H
    Sun 30-H
    Sun 40-H
    Sun 50-H
    Sun 60-H
    Host   Machine Specification
    Design   Structure BAT/AC Mode  Selectable
    External   Structure Output Isolated   Transformer Design,Wall   Mounted
    Overall Efficiency  MPPT   Efficiency: > 95%
    Line   Mode:>95%
    BAT   Mode:>85%
    Power   Saver :Available when the load is less than 75watts
    Noise(In 2 Meters) <   60dB
    Working   Temp. 0-40
    Storage   Temp. -25 ~ 60℃(Without  BATs)
    Humidity <   95% Non-condensing
    Safety   Standard IEC62040
    Protection Over   temp. Over load, Over Voltage
    Generator   Capability Yes
    Transfer   Time 10ms 
    AC   Input  Specification
    Phase   & waveform Single   phase & Sinewave
    Input   Voltage 100/120/220/240Vac
    Input  Frequency 50Hz/60Hz   (Auto-Tracking)
    Input   Voltage range 95-127Vac/194-253Vac 
    Input   Frequency  range 48-54Hz/58-64Hz
    Output   Specification
    Output   Voltage 100vac/120vac/220vac/230vac     Single Phase (AC Mode is Tracking Line   Power) 
    Output   Frequency 50/60Hz   (Auto Tracking)
    Output   Frequency range 46-54Hz
    Output   Waveform 50/60Hz   (Auto-Tracking) 
    Frequency   Tracking Range 46-54Hz 
    Output   Waveform Pure   Sine Wave
    Crest   Ratio 3∶1 
    Battery   Parameters
    Battery   Voltage 12Vdc/24Vdc 12Vdc/24Vdc/48Vdc 24Vdc/48Vdc 
    DC Input   Voltage Range 10-16V/20-32V/40-64V
    Over   charging 15.7V/31.4V/62.8V
    Max   charging current 20A-75A
    Battery  Type GEL, AGM sealed lead   acid
    MPPT   Controller   Parameters
    PV Input   Voltage 15-30Vdc/30-55Vdc
    Maximum   Charging Current 20A/30A/40A/50A
    MAX.output   current (DC loads) 15A 
    Indicator  Parameters
    7-LED   Display From right to left:   LED1 line mode(green)  LED2 inverter   mode (green) LED3 Charging mode(yellow)
         LED4 Fully charged (green)  LED5 Over temp (red)   LED6 Overload(red)   LED7 Saving mode(green)
    2-LED  Display Power, Charging mode
    3-LED  Display Charging mode(green   light). Inverter mode(green light), alarm (red light)
    LCD  Display  Input voltage, output voltage/frequeneny,   battery voltage,load
    Switch   Selector  Saving mode is on/off   when push the switch forwards/backwards,keeping horizontal is turning   inverter off
    Audible   Alarm   AC power priority   (1-6)/battery power priority(7-9)
    Communication   Parameters
    Communication   Port RJ11/RS232(Optional) 
    Physical   Parameters
    Size mm(DxWxH) 486x400x181 486x432x1181
    Net   Weight Kg  16 19 20 24 28 39 49 49

    Note: Specifications are subject to   change without further notice.

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