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  • Sun-M Series Online Hot-Swappable Modular UPS Each Module 20KVA

    SUN-M Series is a true double conversion modular structure online UPS system with parallel redundancy feature, which can completely replace traditional 1+1 parallel UPS systems With Input 2 3 Harmonic wave distortion THDI≤5% and overall efficiency AC~AC up to 95%, Sun-M Series can be defined as a high reliability and efficiency green power.It also integrates with remote monitoring and friendly user communication interface, which is ideal for medium to large data centers, precision equipment, and telecommunications industry.

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    High Performance Index

    Sun-M Series is designed with concept of disk array and system modular redundancy. It is formed by 1 to 10 rated capacity of 20KVA UPS Power modules, which are available for online hot-swappable expansion. Users can increase the number of modules for UPS system expansion without replacing or system parallel while Load capacity increases, which greatly reduces user investments.

    Sun-M Series integrates advanced power multi capacities and phase technology. Sun-M Series can be chosen between 3 Phase In/Out and 3 Phase In/1 Phase Out Structures, and kept net power consistent.

    All power modules in the systems arrays have the same average divided loads, and each parallel built-in redundant module is an intelligent independent monomer. This reduces systems and Loads risks, and extends external loads protection time under UPS protection.

    Sun-M Series Power System Hot-Swap feature overcome the traditional UPS maintenance (Loads switch to bypass) technical problems, which reduces system maintenance costs, and comprehensively protects the Loads normal operations.

    Sun-M Series Power System has the superior parallel ability, which raises the UPS reliability to a higher level. Its MTBF is 1.5 times longer than that of traditional UPS systems, and MTBCF is 3 times longer than that of traditional UPS systems. The MTTR is less in 5 minutes.

    Sun-M Series has two-way information monitoring and self-diagnostic functions with intelligent network monitoring software.

    Sun-M Series uses advanced PFC circuit design, which makes Sun-M Series has series of advantages such as Input PF = 0.99,THDI ≤5%. THD is less than 2% under linear loads condition, and overall efficiency AC~AC up to 95%, which greatly reduce power consumption and pollution.

    Safe and Reliable

    Parallel Redundancy Module Technology to increase system reliability.

    Online Hot-Swap feature to reduce system maintenance costs and comprehensively protects the Loads operations.

    MTBF is 1.5 times longer than traditional UPS systems

    90% of system components are from international famous brands. All devices has been aged and fully tested for at least 24 hours before leaving the factory.

    Sun-S Series can use SNMP Network Adapter, RS485/Dry Contact, USB port, and EPO function to build up a remote control and monitoring system.

    Compatible applications/loads

    Sun-S Series is designed for small and medium important equipment/application systems, such as SME data exchange centers, communication equipment industry, and precision instruments.

    Capacity 30U/Maximum  140KVA 42U/Maximum 200KVA
    Each Module 20KVA/16KW
    Host   Machine Specification
    UPS  Structure Online   Double Conversion
    Appearance Standard  Telecomm    Cabinet with Modular Structure Design
    Overall Efficiency     > 94%    
    Noise(In 2 Meters <   50-65dB
    Working Temp. 0-40
    Storage Temp. -25 ~   60℃(Without Batteries)
    Humidity <   95% Non-Condensing
    Safety Standard IEC62040
    EMC Standard YD/T2165-2010  ,EN 50091-2 ,EN50082-2
    Parallel Redundancy Modular   Parallel upto 10 Units. Rack/Cabinet Parallel upto 2 Racks/Cabinets.
    Protection Overload   , Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage   High/lowHigh/low, BAT Voltage High/low
    DC Start Available
    Generator Compatibility Available
    Display 7   Inch LCD Color Touch Screenmulti-language   with all kinds of messages)+LED
    Mute Auto
    Cabinet Standard IP20
    Cooling System Intelligent   Speed Control Cooling Fan
    Elevation <1000M   without derated  , >1000M: Derated   1% every 100M
    Rectifier   Specification
    Input Voltage 380Vac+N+W,   3 Phase
    Input Voltage Range 380Vac+15%   -25% (304-478Vac) 
    Input Frequency Range 50Hz±5%
    Soft-Start >   60 Seconds
    Input PF 0.99
    THDI <   10%
    Input Current 10KVA:N×3×23A;   15KVA:N ×3×23A; 20KVA:N ×3×15A, Starting without surge current 
    Output   Specification
    Output Voltage Line   Voltage: 380×(1±1%)AC or Phase Voltage: 220×(1±1%)AC
    Output Power Factor 0.8
    Output Voltage Regulation 380Vac±1%(Static Load);380Vac±2%(50-0% Sudden Change);
    380Vac±3%(100-0% Sudden Change
    Output Frequency 50Hz±0.1%   (BAT Mode) 
    Distortion <2%(Linear  Full Load),<3%(Non-Linear    Full Load)
    3 Phase Unbalanced Allow   3 Phase 100% Unbalanced
    Output Volt Unbalanced Degree ≤1°(Balanced   Load ),≤2°(50% Balanced Load  )
    Input/Output Phase Swift ≤1°(Balanced  Load),≤2°(50% Balanced Load  )
    Frequency Tracking Range 47-63Hz
    Output Waveform Pure   Sine Wave
    Overload 110%:   More than 10 mins;
    > 125%: More than 1 min
     > 150%: More than   30 Seconds then transfer to bypass 
    Crest Ratio 3∶1
    Efficiency >   95%
    Short-Circuit Circuit   Auto-Protection, Bypass Switch Tripping
    Output Abnormal INV.   Output Auto-Locked Protection
    Bypass   Specification
    Static Bypass Transfer Time 0ms
    Static Bypass Input Range 380Vac(-15~+15%
    Frequency Range ±1Hz, ±2Hz,   ±3Hz Selectable
    Bypass --> INV Transfer Time 2ms
    Frequency Tracking Speed 0.5-2hz/s
    Manual Maintenance Bypass Available
    Battery   Specification
    Type Sealed   Lead Acid Maintenance Free
    BAT Rated Volts/Units ±360Vdc   (±30 Units )
    BAT Low Shutdown   Protection
    Communication   Specification
    Communication Port RS232/SNMP/485/   Dry ContactOptional Accessory)
    Remote Software Multi-functional   Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control
    Physical   Parameters
    Module  Size mm(W×D×H 10/15/20KVA   :440×590×131/3U 42U Cabinet:600×800×2050
    Cabinet  Size  mmW×D×H) 30U   Cabinet :600×800×1516
    Module  Net Weight  Kg 20KVA:22Kg
    Cabinet  Net Weight  Kg
                (including   Bypass    and Power  Distribution)
    30U   Cabinet 45KVA :80Kg      42U Cabinet 45KVA: 100Kg;
        30U Cabinet 70KVA :85Kg     42U Cabinet 70KVA: 105Kg; 
        30U Cabinet 100KVA :90Kg    42U Cabinet 100KVA: 110Kg
        30U Cabinet 140KVA :95Kg    42U Cabinet 140KVA: 115Kg
          42U Cabinet 160KVA   :120Kg   42U Cabinet   200KVA   :

    Note: Specifications are subject to   change without further notice.

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