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  • SUN-N Series 48Vdc Telecomm Inverter (1-3KVA)

    Sun-N Series Inverter is full-digital DSP control 48Vdc power equipment. It has been widely used in telecommunication, network, computers, office automation equipment, and other areas to provide stable and reliable high quality AC power. It achieves voltage and frequency stabilization of high-quality pure sine wave power supply with 19'' 2U inch Rack-mount Structure, which is a perfect selection especially for Telecomm industry.

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    High Performance Index

    Sun-N Inverter has both Selection of Inverter Prioritized or Utility Power Prioritized Mode to reduce energy loss.

    DC Input adapts multiple wave filters and electromagnetic isolator to reduce the interference to the input due to the reflected related psophometrically noise, which means this feature reduces all kinds of interferences to devices connected to the DC screen to reach the telecommunication standard.

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    Sun-N Series has DC Input Reverse Connection Protection Function to prevent any damage or
    loss due to DC misconnection of anode and cathode. It also has DC (Or Battery) misconnection
    alarm and protection accessories to protect the whole system.

    Sun-N Series adopts the fifth generation IGBT technology to achieve high inverter efficiency up
    to 90%. It also has the online single phase input and output double conversion structure to adapt
    220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz grid standard.

    Intelligent fan control and fan failure-alarm function: Sun-N/INV inverter uses intelligent air blast cooling technology to control fan speed. It will changes fan speed based on capacity of Loads, which effectively improves life-time of fan and system overall efficiency. It also reduces energy lost. Fan failure-alarm function prevents damages to machines due to fan failures, and provides promptly warning and replacements in order to avoid deferred maintenance.

    High Overload Capacity and ability. 1-3 KVA: 60s at120% Load, 30ms turn to bypass and alarm.

    Sun-N/INV inverter allows users to cut DC Inverter output during operating states and turn to Mains Power Supply. It can reach 0ms conversion without power supply disruptions. This helps maintainers to maintain or change batteries conveniently.

    Sun-N/INV has special design to alarm and cut off output when DC Inverter (or batteries) in over-voltage or under-voltage states. When DC Inverter (or batteries) restores to normal, power output will be restore automatically. This function is suitable to unattended communication base stations. (This feature is available in Utility Power Prioritized Mode)

    Sun-N/INV has AC starts function, which can be used to start the system on DC Power failure.

    Sun-N/INV has Input Isolation design prevents inverter interferences to get into the input devices. ;

    Sun-N Series adapts intuitive LCD+LED display to comprehensively show UPS operation status, parameters, and messages.

    Sun-N Series has internal temperature monitoring and protection functions.

    Safe and Reliable

    Sun-N Series Inverter adapts full-digital DSP technology to reduce the harmonic distortion.

    Sun-N Inverter has both selection of Inverter Prioritized or Utility Power Prioritized Mode to reduce energy loss.

    Sun-N Inverter adapts sensitive peak current protection circuit design to protect the system from damages due to short-circuit, cold load impacts.

    90% of system components are from international famous brands. All devices has been aged and fully tested for at least 24 hours before leaving the factory.

    Rich Accessories

    Sun-N Series can use SNMP Network Adapter, RS485/Dry Contact, USB port, and EPO function to build up a remote monitoring system.

    Compatible applications/loads

    Sun-N Series can use SNMP Network Adapter, RS485/Dry Contact, USB port, and EPO function to build up a remote monitoring system.

    Capacity 1KVA/0.8KW 2KVA/1.6KW 3KVA/2.4KW
    Host Machine Specification
    UPS Structure 48Vdc HF Inverter
    Appearance 19" inch Rack Structure Design
    Overall Efficiency  > 87%
    Noise(In 2 Meters) < 50dB
    Working Temp. 0-40
    Storage Temp. -15 ~ 60℃(without batteries)
    Humidity < 95% Non-condensing
    Safety Standard GB/T14715 
    EMC Standard EN 50091-1/2
    Protection Overload, Short-Circuit, Over Temp., Utility Power Voltage High/low, BAT Voltage High/low
    DC Start Available
    Display LCD Display (Multi-Language with all kinds of messages)+ LED Indicators
    Mute Manual
    Elevation <1000M without derated , >1000M: Derated 1% every   100M
    DC Input Specification
    Rated Input Voltage Range 48Vdc
    Rated Input Current 25A 50A 75A
    Turn Off Voltage Range 40~60V(Empty Load ),38.5~60V(Full  Load)
    Start Up Voltage Range 4060V
    psophometrically noise Anti-psophometrically noise related  to wide-band noise current10%
    Anti-psophometrically noise  related to phone weighted   noise current <1%
    AC   Input Specification
    Voltage Range 180~260Vac
    Rated Current 4.5A 9A 13.6A
    Frequency Range 46~54Hz
    Output Specification
    Output Voltage 220Vac
    Rated Output Current 3.6A 7.2A 10.8A
    Rated Output Frequency 50Hz Change
    Rated Output Frequency Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Distortion <1%(Linear Full Load),<3%(Non-Linear Full Load)
    Output PF 0.8/1(Avaiable on specific model)
    Output Voltage Regulation 220Vac ±1%(Static  Load);220Vac ±2%(50-0%  Sudden Change );220Vac ±3%(100-0% Sudden Change
    Output Frequency (AC Mode) When 46Hz ≤Input Freq .≤ 54Hz,Input Freq .=Output Freq. ;When Input Freq .<46Hz or >54Hz, Locked at 50Hz 
    Output  Frequency(BAT Mode) 50Hz± 0.2%
    Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Overload >125%: More than 10mins, >150%: More than 10s, >170%: more than 200ms
    Crest Ratio 3∶1
    Short-Circuit INV Mode Short-circuit: 80ms Protection. (Need Manual turn-on after short-circuit removal.)
    BAT High/Low Shutdown Protection or Transfer to AC Mode )
    Overtemp  Protection INV Temp>90°C,INV protection and transfer to bypass
    INV   Output High/low Volt INV Output  Auto-Locked Protection
    Output Abnormal INV Output  Auto-Locked Protection
    Noise  Suppression EMI/RFI wave filter
    Dynamic   Response 3% at full load,recovering  in 20ms
    Auto-Restart Available
    Software Control Available
    RJ45 Network/FAX/Modem Surge Protection
    Transfer Time Specification
    AC-DC Transfer Time 4ms
    DC-AC Transfer  Time 2ms
    Communication Specification
    Communication Port RS232/SNMP/485/Dry Contact(Optional Accessory)
    Remote Software Multi-functional Monitoring System, Online and BAT Mode Status, BAT Fault, Remote Control
    Physical Parameters
    Size mm(DxWxH) 430x450x88mm/2U
    Net Weight   Kg  12.5 14.5 15.5

    Note: Specifications are subject to   change without further notice.

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